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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your fees?
In most cases, it is simply a matter of a one-time fee consisting of one-half a normal month's rent. There is NO fee involved if you don't lease with us!

How is The Rent Connection more effective than local classifieds?
We *ARE* the local classifieds!  Another reason we are more effective is because we are not a real estate company who rents property as a sideline.  We are a rental agency that rents property as a Full-Time Business.

Why should I go with The Rent Connection as opposed to another agency?
Because we are a full-time rental agency.  We're your neighborhood leasing professionals. Our job is to lease property and that's what we do best!

What is the policy to see pictures of property? Can they be e-mailed?
We can send pictures of property by request.  We can e-mail or snail-mail pictures of the interior and exterior, if you want any specific shots taken (i.e. you're interested in what the attic looks like), we can accomodate you.  We cannot, however, provide the actual address of the property until you come into the office.